Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. It is forbidden to show disrespect to other chat users, including:
    • obscene, indecent, or aggressive commentaries;
    • chauvinistic and xenophobic activities towards other chat users;
    • using of offences and threats towards other chat users.
  2. Indecent behavior is strictly prohibited, namely:
    • to show your naked chest and not to show your face;
    • to offer virtual sex to other chat users;
    • to use phrases with an offensive vulgar undertone;
    • to be naked or undressed while chatting;
    • to expose genitals and denude other intimate parts of the body;
    • to touch intimate parts of the body through clothing;
    • to aim the camera beneath your chest level (your face should be visible in the picture frame);
    • to perform any action that may possibly be interpreted as offensive.
  3. It is prohibited to demonstrate inappropriate pictures, including:
    • to broadcast your monitor’s image;
    • to aim the web camera at the images;
    • to aim the web camera at any text;
    • to use some software that imitates web cameras.
  4. No spam is allowed, namely:
    • to demonstrate commercial images and to post marketing comments;
    • to send any kinds of links in the messages;
    • to be engaged in blanket mailing;
    • to ask other chat users to do some online activities (to visit websites, to take surveys, to vote, etc.).
  5. Complaint Mechanism
    • Every chat guest can file a complaint against another chat user. This complaint should be complemented with the image of the user. This image will be the reason for moderator regarding the possible ban. Chat moderation is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Chat user with many complaints from other chat users would be banned automatically. Complaint mechanism considers various reasons and prevents mistaken bans.

The administration of the video chat bears no responsibility for the actions of chat users. Nevertheless, we are constantly trying to ban these users. Obviously, keeping track of all these abuses is absolutely impossible, thus we evidently need you help in order to persecute these offenders. You can help us to make our chat even more enjoyable.