ChatRad About Section

ChatRad was built by a team of devoted people searching for a new way to enjoy random chat using cutting edge webcam sharing technologies.

The ChatRad Team


ChatRad hasn’t always been a random cam site with thousands of daily users; at first it was just an idea. That idea came from a young individual that dreamt big and aimed for the stars. As the ChatRad idea began to take form, more and more members began joining the ChatRad team.

The Launch


ChatRad saw its first days on the World Wide Web in May of 2013. Being a relatively new random chat site in an already established industry, it was difficult to break through and become a greatly visited website. But with a lot of hard work we grew to become one of the most popular free chat sites online that specializes in webcam technologies.

Low and behold, our idea took off and now, less than a year later, this site receives thousands of daily visitors.

ChatRad’s Vision


As a unique idea became a reality, we had to envisage what was to come. Our goal for months had been to achieve thousands of daily visitors, but when we achieved that goal we had to come up with new goals. Our team plans on moving forward, not stalling at our current state of success. Our vision was created by our entire team as we sat around Skype conferencing with a fresh pot of coffee and a night of "vision building".

Our vision for ChatRad is to provide the world with a fun place to chat for free online. Our goal is to offer the best random chat site online. We plan on integrating more features that will make it easier to find users according to interests, features that connect individuals with like-minded strangers.

The Rocky Road that Lies Ahead


We’re not out of the ball park just yet. Although we’ve attained our goal of getting thousands of daily users, we still have a long way to go before being satisfied with ChatRad. The amount of random cam sites that launch every single year is huge and the amount of already well-established random cam sites is intimidating.

We must continue to work hard every single day and our team needs to stick together if we want to succeed in this industry. However, we also need the support of our users. We don’t ask much from our users; we provide you with a free random chat. There is one thing that we would appreciate though and that is to have you continue providing us with your input.

If you notice something wrong with ChatRad or if you want to provide us with feedback from your own experience on our site, we will be thrilled to read what you have to say. ChatRad is a virtual community and we can only succeed if we know what our users think of our site.